Michaela Bradshaw ‘Survivor 34’ exit interview: I was eliminated because ‘Sarah felt threatened by Cirie’ [PODCAST]

“When Sarah Lacina felt threatened by Cirie Fields trying to use the advantage to take her vote, she looked at me as an extension of Cirie,” says “Survivor: Game Changers” castoff Michaela Bradshaw following her head-scratching elimination in Wednesday’s episode, titled “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow.” “Because if Cirie is trying to save Aubry Bracco and I’m working with Cirie, then in Sarah’s mind there’s a Final 3.”

This was Michaela’s second time playing the game after finishing in 14th place in last year’s “Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X” (Season 33). Does she ever want to play again? Listen to our full exit interview above and then make your “Survivor 34” predictions for a chance to top our famous leaderboards. It’s fun and easy, so start now by predicting the finishing order of the Final 6.

Michaela continues, “For Troyzan Robertson and Brad Culpepper, this was their opportunity to get off the bottom. For Sarah, this was her opportunity to get at Cirie by taking a strong part of her alliance away. That’s as much sense as I can make out of the situation after having been through it and watched it.” There was no confusion, however, about who voted to send her packing. “I knew exactly where the votes came from, that’s why I spoke to Sarah directly when I walked out. When I saw my name come up, I knew I was going home.”

Also in our “Survivor” podcast, Michaela chats about her close relationship with Cirie, the comments she made to Brad about how he should “go fishing,” what it was like to see her mother on the island, and the physical and emotional toll it took on her to play back-to-back seasons. Listen to all of Gold Derby’s “Survivor” exit interviews in our Season 34 cast photo gallery.

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