More ‘Big Little Lies’? Author Liane Moriarty is open to idea

First Nicole Kidman speculated that there could be another season of “Big Little Lies.” And now the author of the 2014 bestseller on which this compelling murder mystery was based, has said she is to open to continuing the story. In a recent interview, she explained, “I have started to think about ways this could continue. The producers have asked me to see if I can come up with some ideas.” And, she admitted, “once I started thinking, it was too much fun to see what I could do and to see these characters again and there’s definitely places you can go.”

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To that end, she would come up with the story and then leave the writing of the screenplay to Emmy darling David E. Kelly, who adapted the novel into this first set of seven episodes. One possibility is to explore more about Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz), whose background, as detailed in the novel, played a big part in her reaction to seeing Perry (Alexander Skarsgard) being violent against her group of friends.

Kidman, who played Perry’s abused wife, Celeste, also sees Bonnie at the center of a new season. “The backstory of Bonnie is complicated, and not fully explored, which is probably why we need to do a season 2.” As she elaborated, “Every woman is holding some sort of secret or damage or something and that’s not fully explored. We don’t have any plans for a season 2 but the beauty of this is there are so many deep stories here that are ripe for mining. There are so many different ways to go with all of these women. This is such a small portion of their lives but I love that people have connected to them in such a deep way. And everyone in different ways to different women.”

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However, Jean-Marc Vallee, the director of all seven installments, nixed the idea declaring, “This is the perfect ending. There is no way; there’s no reason to make a season two. That was meant to be a one-time deal, and it’s finishing in a way where it’s for the audience to imagine what can happen.” Indeed, the limited series was based on the 2014 bestselling novel by Liane Moriarty and David E. Kelley did a faithful adaptation that left little room for a sequel.

Reese Witherspoon spearheaded this production, and Kidman came on board as an executive producer as well. It wouldn’t be surprising to see these two talents teaming up again with the director who showcased them so well this time. Indeed, Vallee readily admitted, “I’d love to work with Reese and Nicole and all these women again.”

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