Emmy predictions WAR! 3 Editors pick 3 TV shows to win Best Drama Series [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Gold Derby Editors are so anxious and uncertain over their Emmy predictions for Best Drama Series that Marcus James Dixon admits in this feisty video that he changed his pick just moments before shooting this slugfest. He ditched “The Handmaid’s Tale” for “Westworld,” which means that Marcus and colleagues Tom O’Neil and Chris Beachum are now picking three different programs. Tom opts for “Stranger Things.” Chris bets on “The Crown.”

Who’s right? See how they rank all nominees according to likelihood of winning. Disagree? Make your own Emmy predictions here. Make your first round of picks. You can change them later as often as you like.

Above: Watch the video version of our slugfest. Below: Audio podcast version. Do a search for Gold Derby at iTunes to subscribe to our podcast channel.

Video produced by David Janove & Andrew Merrill

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