Best Supporting Acting Oscar predictions: Mahershala Ali & Viola Davis will win says top scorer Joseph Schiltz

“It’s always fun to predict upsets,” says Gold Derby reader Joseph Schiltz (screen name James_Fenimore), who scored a terrific 81.94% when predicting the 2017 Oscar nominations. He actually tied with JasonOsia with that percentage but had the better point total of 62,938 by using the 500 super bets wisely. Below, see this reader’s current Oscar picks for Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress following the Screen Actors Guild results, and then be sure to make your own Oscar predictions.

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The five nominees for Best Supporting Actor are Mahershala Ali (“Moonlight”), Jeff Bridges (“Hell or High Water”), Lucas Hedges (“Manchester by the Sea”), Dev Patel (“Lion”) and Michael Shannon (“Nocturnal Animals”). Schiltz’s choice is Ali, who also has the best odds to win according to our Oscar experts.

“In another year, Mahershala Ali could be vulnerable, simply because he’s absent for such a huge part of the movie. But who would his competition be?” Schiltz wonders. “Jeff Bridges just won, Lucas Hedges is probably too young, and Dev Patel lacks any momentum. I can kind of imagine Michael Shannon somehow becoming a conduit for ‘Nocturnal Animals’/Aaron Taylor-Johnson love…but that theory is probably too contorted. So Mahershala Ali will take the Oscar too, out of inertia if nothing else.”

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The five nominees for Best Supporting Actress are Viola Davis (“Fences”), Naomie Harris (“Moonlight”), Nicole Kidman (“Lion”), Octavia Spencer (“Hidden Figures”) and Michelle Williams (“Manchester by the Sea”). Schiltz’s pick is Davis, who also has the best odds to prevail according to our Oscar experts.

Schiltz is convinced about this category. “Viola Davis, hands down,” he says of the “Fences” co-star. “I actually think she has stronger competition in her category than, say, Mahershala Ali has in his, but at this point her momentum is unstoppable. It’s such a titanic performance, she’s such a beloved actress, and the overdue aspect is so powerful that I would be astonished if she lost.”

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