Oscar predictions: Michael Musto confesses, ‘I am filled with doubt!’ [Video & Audio Podcast]

Oscar wag Michael Musto is normally full of sassy bravado when selling his latest predictions with signature snark and shrewd insight, but now he confesses, “I’m filled with self-doubt about my predictions!” Watch our webcam chat above or else listen to the audio podcast below.

“This is an open field in my opinion for Best Picture,” he adds. “There have been other years when it’s down to two pictures and I always pick the wrong one of the two. This year there are seven.  There’s ‘Dunkirk,’ which right now is my number one, but I’m not that confident about it. There’s ‘Three Billboards,’ which I adored. ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ ‘Get Out,’ ‘Lady Bird,’ ‘Shape of Water’ and ‘The Post.'”

What reservations does Michael have about “Dunkirk”? (See his picks in all categories here.) “All year I thought this is a swirling, visceral war film that is unique and spectacular, but the more I hear people’s reaction, some of them think it’s not a complete film. They think it’s all effect.”

Michael ranks “Three Billboards” in second place, but asks, “Has there ever been a film like this that won the Oscar? It’s very different. But why can’t this picture just win? There was never a movie like ‘Moonlight’ that won, so I think we’re in the era of rule breaking.”

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