Oscars 2017 calendar: Seven guilds plus BAFTA nominations in final days of Oscar nominations voting

Last Thursday (Jan. 5), academy members begin casting their Oscar nomination ballots. Prior to that, the film editors, casting directors and writers had unveiled their slate of contenders while the art directors did so on the first day of balloting. The deadline for voting is this coming Friday (Jan. 13). Before then, we’ll hear from the producers, directors, cinematographers, costume designers, makeup artists & hairstylists, sound mixers and visual effects wizards as to their top choices. (Only the sound editors stay silent, not revealing their slate till later in the month.)

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The British academy, which shares upwards of 500 members with the Oscars, will unveil their roster of BAFTA nominees on Jan. 10. The Australian version of the academy held its international awards in Los Angeles last Friday (Jan. 6) while the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. handed out the Golden Globes on Sunday (Jan. 8).

Below, we detail these key dates.
Note: Winners events are in gold while nomination announcements are italicized.

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Jan. 9 – DGA Awards: Film Nominations Voting Closes

Jan. 9 – WGA Awards: Final Voting Opens

Jan. 10 – BAFTA Awards: Nominations Announced
Jan. 10 – PGA Awards: Film Nominations Announced
Jan. 10 – CAS Awards: Film Nominations Announced
Jan. 10 – MHG Guild Awards: Nominations Announced
Jan. 10 – VES Awards: Nominations Announced
Jan. 10 – BAFTA Awards: Final Voting Opens
Jan. 10 – PGA Awards: Final Voting Opens

Jan. 11 – ASC Awards: Nominations Announced
Jan. 11 – MPSE Awards: Nomination Voting Opens

Jan. 12 – DGA Awards: Film Nominations Announced
Jan. 12 – CDG Awards: Film Nominations Announced
Jan. 12 – DGA Awards: Final Voting Opens

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Jan. 13 – Oscars: Nominations Voting Closes

Jan. 17 – ACE Awards: Final Voting Closes

Jan. 19  – CSA Awards

Jan. 20 – CDG Awards: Final Voting Opens

Jan. 24 – Oscars: Nominations Announced

Jan. 25 – CAS Awards: Final Voting Opens
Jan. 25 – MPSE Awards: Nomination Voting Closes

Jan. 27 – ACE Eddie Awards
Jan. 27 – PGA Awards: Final Voting Closes
Jan. 27 – SAG Awards: Final Voting Closes

Jan. 28 – PGA Awards

Jan. 29 – SAG Awards

Jan. 30- ASC Awards: Final Voting Closes
Jan. 30 – WGA Awards: Final Voting Closes

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Feb. 3 – DGA Awards: Final Voting Closes

Feb. 4 – DGA Awards
Feb. 4 – ASC Awards
Feb. 4 – Annie Awards

Feb. 7  – VES Awards

Feb. 8 – BAFTA Awards: Final Voting Closes

Feb. 11 – Oscars: Scientific & Technical Awards

Feb. 12 – BAFTA Awards
Feb. 12 – CAS Awards: Final Voting Closes

Feb. 13 – Oscars: Final Voting Opens

Feb. 15 – CDG Awards: Final Voting Closes

Feb. 18 – CAS Awards

Feb. 19 – WGA Awards
Feb. 19 – MHG Awards
Feb. 19 – MPSE Awards

Feb. 21 – Oscars: Final Voting Closes
Feb. 21 – CDG Awards

Feb. 25 – Independent Spirit Awards

Feb. 26 – Oscars

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