Oscar predictions bout: Tom vs. Pete on Best Actress [WATCH]

Granted, in our new Oscar predictions video, Pete Hammond (Deadline Hollywood) and I behave like hot-headed divas while sizing up the diva bout over Best Actress. But, hey, this is all showbiz, ain’t it? And we’re having so much fun.

In fact, it’s hard for Pete and me not to howl, hoot, giggle and harrumph while goosing each other and dishing all leading possibilities. Is Emma Stone (“La La Land”) unbeatable? Or am I right and Natalie Portman (“Jackie”), Isabelle Huppert (“Elle”) still have shots?

And what do you think about the crazy idea that — yikes — Meryl Streep (“Florence Foster Jenkins”) could pull off an upset thanks to the new role she assumed at the Golden Globes as Hollywood’s nemesis to Donald Trump? Could AMPAS members cast their award votes like political ballots?

Also, watch Pete and my smackdown over the Best Picture race.

Below, listen to the audio podcast version of our clash on Best Actress. Do a search for Gold Derby at iTunes to subscribe to our regular podcast series.

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