3 Oscar wins that would ruin Donald Trump’s night (and, yes, Meryl Streep is one of them)

There is no bigger stage for liberal Hollywood elites than the Oscars. And Donald Trump has no greater enemy than liberal Hollywood elites – well aside from the media, the judiciary system and the latest 12-year-old to criticize him on Twitter. After the Globes and SAGs delivered blasts on the the commander-in-chief one can expect the Oscars to be next.

That isn’t great news for the president, who has skin thinner than a sheet of paper on a celebrity diet. So, this Sunday what wins would anger the most powerful man in the world the most?

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1. Meryl Streep wins Best Actress for “Florence Foster Jenkins
After her blistering attack against Trump at the Golden Globes, Streep provoked the President to tweet that she was “overrated.” Having her branded a big winner on Oscar night would ruffle Trump’s feathers, especially with the news that she tied the achievement of Katharine Hepburn by winning a fourth Oscar for acting. And, who knows what she would say to raise his ire yet again?

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2. “The Salesman” wins Best Foreign Language Film for Iran
The president’s notorious executive order would have kept the director of “The Salesman,” Asghar Farhadi, from being able to attend the show. With the courts nullifying the ban, Farhadi is now free to travel to Los Angeles; however, he has opted not to attend. Instead, he has asked two Iranian-American scientists  to accept on his behalf. A win for “The Salesman” would shine a strong light on the draconian nature of this ban. This week all six nominated directors in the category issued a statement blasting “the climate of fanaticism and nationalism we see today.”

Oscar Best Actor Gallery: Every Winner in Academy Award History

3. “Zootopia” wins Best Animated Film
This story depicts a city and its police department torn apart by a politician spreading fear of ‘the other.’ It shows the danger of politicians using (or creating) times of crisis and fear to foster anger and hatred to serve their own political ambitions. There is no time this message is more needed or potent than during the reign of the Trump administration. A win for this film may see the directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore echo the message they gave at the Globes when they won of “embracing diversity even when there are people who want to divide us using fear.”

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