Outlander Awards 2017: What’s Jamie and Claire’s Best Kiss from the first 2 seasons? [VOTE NOW]

Voting began on Monday for Gold Derby’s 1st Annual Outlander Awards — have YOU voted yet? As fans patiently await the September 10 premiere of Starz’s “Outlander” Season 3, once again starring Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser and Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall Fraser, we’ve decided to add a very important category to our inaugural event: Best Kiss.

We were able to narrow the choices down to five kisses from the first two seasons, and you can see our breakdown of the five nominees below. Hurry and login to your Gold Derby account right now (or register for a free one via Facebook or Twitter) and then start casting your votes in our predictions center. You have until September 18 to make or update your final selections for the Outlander Awards 2017.

“The Wedding”: First-ever kiss
Season 1, Episode 7 — Jamie and Claire had an arranged marriage to protect her from Black Jack (Tobias Menzies). While they would fall in love on their wedding night, it was this first timid kiss that got fans excited for what was to come.

The Devil’s Mark”: Passionate kiss
Season 1, Episode 11 — Claire told Jamie the truth about how she traveled through time and was married to Black Jack’s doppelganger. Jamie never questioned whether or not Claire was telling the truth and he did the honorable thing taking her back to Craigh na Dun so she could return to her century. But Claire was in love with Jamie so she decided to stay, and they sealed the moment with a passionate kiss.

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“Faith”: Stillborn baby kiss
Season 2, Episode 7 — While Jamie was in jail Claire gave birth to their first child, a stillborn daughter named Faith. Toward the end of the episode Claire was forced to finally give up her child after holding her all day, giving her one goodbye kiss. The fact that Emmy voters ignored Balfe in 2016 for this powerful performance still has us scratching our heads.

“Je Suis Prest”: Roleplay kiss
Season 2, Episode 9 — Who says “Outlander” doesn’t have its funny moments? Claire pretended to be Jamie’s hostage to get information out of a British spy in this hot and humorous scene in which Jamie and Claire pretended to hate each other. Claire may have initiated it but Jamie couldn’t help but play along and the look on her face made viewers smile.

“Dragonfly in Amber”: Goodbye kiss
Season 2, Episode 13 — For the good of their unborn child and on the brink of war with England, Jamie took Claire back to Craigh na Dun again. And it was the goodbye kiss before he guided her slowly toward the rocks that viewers will always remember from the end of the second season.

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