‘Outlander’ episode 3.4 video recap: In ‘Of Lost Things,’ is Claire closer to finding Jamie? [WATCH]

“Of Lost Things,” the fourth episode of season three of the Starz hit drama “Outlander,” was written by Toni Graphia and directed by Brendan Maher. “Outlander” fan Rob Licuria is joined by Amanda Spears to dish the highs and lows of this installment in which Claire (Caitriona Balfe) remains in 1960s Scotland, raising her daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and struggling to trace Jamie’s whereabouts in history. Back in 18th century Scotland, Jamie (Sam Heughan) serves as groomsman at the aristocratic estate of Helwater, and is reluctantly pulled into the intrigue of a noble British family.

This season is based on “Voyager,” Diana Gabaldon’s third novel in the series of books. While this episode propels the story forward in both time periods, the big development is back in the Highlands, where Jamie agrees to make love essentially against his will to Geneva (Hannah James), the daughter of the lord of Helwater where he is staying. “I thought that Geneva is really standing in for all of the fans around the world who would be doing the same thing,” Licuria says.

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After questioning the merits of this particular storyline, Spears and Licuria focus on how Geneva ends up falling pregnant and having Jamie’s son. “It reminds us that Jamie did have a baby with Claire, that died. And when he lost Faith, it would have affected him,” Licuria notes. “Jamie suffered loss, and now he’s had William with Geneva, and he sticks around [to raise him].”

Back in the 1960s, Claire, Brianna and Roger (Richard Rankin) are eager to find clues in historical records they find so as to work out whatever happened to Jamie after the bloody Battle of Culloden. For Spears, it made sense, as Claire needs to know whether Jamie survived before she even considers going back through the stones. “Before you touch those rocks, let’s see if Jamie’s alive,” she declares, hinting that the long-anticipated reunion might be just around the corner.

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