‘Doctor Who’ poll results: More than half of our readers love Pearl Mackie as the new companion

There’s a lot of pressure on any new companion who joins “Doctor Who.” On the sci-fi series about a 2,000-year-old time traveling alien (played by Peter Capaldi), the Doctor’s companion is the audience’s entry point into a world of intergalactic adventure. So last week we asked our readers to give us their snap judgment of Pearl Mackie, who joined the cast last week as Bill Potts. Check out our complete poll results below.

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More than half of our readers (54%) said they love Bill Potts. That’s not a bad start after just one week on the air. But Bill isn’t just new, she’s also groundbreaking. When she was introduced to us she was upfront about the fact that she fancies women, which makes her the first openly gay companion in the show’s 54-year history. That puts even more pressure on Mackie. She has a lot to live up to on a show as historic as this.

But not all of our readers were convinced. Another 26% of respondents were on the fence, saying they could take her or leave her after the season premiere. The Doctor decided to take her, so we’ll see if she can charm those undecided viewers as much as she charmed him.

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Lastly, 20% of readers said they hated Bill. I guess you can’t please everybody, but only one in five fans gave her negative marks compared to the 54% who are smitten, so I’d say she’s on the right track.

Do you agree with our poll results? You can keep voting here. You can also comment below and join the discussion on this and more with your fellow TV fans in our notorious forums.

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