Preacher Lawson’s final ‘America’s Got Talent’ performance: Comedian recalls story about ‘naked dude’ [WATCH]

Comedian Preacher Lawson performed Tuesday night during the Finals episode of “America’s Got Talent” 2017. As one of the Top 10 “AGT” acts of Season 12, Lawson is hoping to become the first comedian to ever win the $1 million prize. Was his final performance about a “naked dude” good enough to claim that title? Watch Preacher Lawson’s “America’s Got Talent” recap video above from NBC’s reality TV show.

Three of the four “AGT” judges — Simon Cowell, Mel B and Howie Mandel — jumped to their feet at the conclusion of Lawson’s set, while Heidi Klum remain seated. His hilarious comedy routine was all about the time he saw a drugged-up naked man dancing on top of a trash can who asked him for money. Here is what the judges had to say:

Mandel: “You know, you are absolutely everything that inspires me about comedy. You are Richard Pryor speaking your truth, people I believe that you bumped into on the street with. You are Charlie Chaplin with the physicality. You have the charisma of Eddie Murphy. You are everything that makes all those comedians great all rolled into one, and you are a superstar. And if I was home, I would love to see a comedian win ‘AGT’ this year. If there’s one person to vote for, I know what it takes to come up with what you came up with. I love you. And I think America should love you and I think you should win this.”

Mel B: “Well, for a start, I think, my cheeks are killing me! I just couldn’t stop laughing! And he actually did what you did, ‘How long is this gonna go on for?’ whilst I was bent over dying laughing. God, your energy is just on fire, always, always, always, and you’re really good to look at too, but you really, really, really funny. You’re very funny. I could watch you do comedy all night long.”

Cowell: “Preacher, you know what? I have a feeling that tonight is gonna change your life. I do, and I’ll tell you why because you just did it. You came out and you took a risk, but it wasn’t a risk because we’re gonna remember this. It was edgy. You’re more than funny. You’ve got this ability — a star lights up a room, and you’ve lit up a room for the last few weeks. You lit it up big time tonight, Preacher, and I really do believe, and I hope and I pray, and i’m not normally wrong, if you’re not signed up for some show or movie in the next eight weeks, I will literally eat my hand.”

Klum: “You’re gonna eat your hand! I mean Preacher, you are crazy. I mean, for me, if it wasn’t for the physical comedy, because for me, the material today I didn’t love. I didn’t love what you were talking about. And I still do think that you have star quality.”

Mandel: You know what? I’ll play it back for her later and we’ll dub it into German. She’ll love it.”

Klum: Thanks, Howie! I just didn’t love the drug part. It’s not my favorite.”

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