‘Project Runway’ elimination predictions: Amy Bond in trouble if the Teflon twins survive another week

Amy Bond has flown under the radar for almost the entire season of “Project Runway” so far. Apart from one low score during the team challenge in episode two, “An Unconventional Recycling,” she has advanced safely through every week, but hasn’t received a high score yet. And even that low score doesn’t tell the whole story because it’s harder to lay the team loss specifically at Bond’s feet. But it still means she hasn’t impressed the judges enough to single her out for individual praise, so if she runs into trouble in tonight’s episode, they may not feel any strong inclination to keep her around.

As of this writing we’re not predicting that Bond will be eliminated. Instead, we think Claire Buitendorp will be out. The thing is, we predicted that she would be eliminated last week too, and we thought her twin sister Shawn Buitendorp would be eliminated from weeks three through five, but both sisters have been like Teflon all season despite getting the side-eye from their fellow competitors for acting as a tag-team on most of their designs. Even Tim Gunn brought up to the judges last week in “Models Off Duty” that Shawn got a lot of help for her high-scoring design while Claire neglected her own low-scoring design.

The irony is that the Buitendorp sisters were on the losing team in “Unconventional Recycling,” and most of their teammates agreed they were the weakest link — particularly Shawn, who needed help just to finish — but they have survived every challenge since while their teammates on that challenge Sentell McDonald and Samantha Rei have since been eliminated, and Bond could be next.

Claire Buitendorp currently leads our predictions with 3/2 odds, which translates to a 41% chance of being eliminated. Bond is next with 4/1 odds (20% chance of elimination), while Shawn gets 9/2 odds (18% chance of elimination). Do you agree? Click on the chart below for more detailed prediction stats.

project runway predictions

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