‘Project Runway’ elimination predictions: Will Michael Brambila or Batani-Khalfani be out after last week’s cliffhanger?

Last week’s episode of “Project Runway,” “Client on the Go,” was unusual: it opened with an elimination, but it didn’t end with one. Controversial Shawn Buitendorp decided to bow out at the start of the show rather than battle her twin sister Claire Buitendorp for survival, but that wasn’t the last conflict for the sisters. Margarita Alvarez believed that Claire was stealing her ideas for the subsequent “Client on the Go” challenge, and Margarita’s friend and co-competitor Michael Brambila agreed, but at the end of the show Claire ended up winning the design challenge while Michael and Margarita ended up in the bottom three with Batani-Khalfani. Michael stormed off the runway in outrage, and the episode ended on a cliffhanger, so there’s still the matter of who will be out.

Presumably one of the three in the bottom for last week’s challenge will be sent home one way or another. Margarita was immune from elimination, having won the previous challenge, so that leaves Michael and Batani. Of those two Batani is the unlucky designer as of this writing with leading odds of 5/4, or a 44% chance of elimination according to our users who have made their predictions for this week’s show. Michael is next with 4/1 odds, or a 20% chance of being out — or he might even out himself, since his anger at the judges’ decision may prompt him to leave the show entirely.

The odds of no elimination at all are 9/1, which translates to a 10% chance that all contestants will stay put this week. After that Claire gets 12/1 odds, or an 8% chance of elimination, but that may be unlikely. If the judges don’t reverse their decision in light of Michael’s accusations then Claire will remain the winner of the challenge and have immunity going into the following challenge. Or maybe the judges will think she’s such an egregious plagiarist that they’ll oust her on the spot. Stranger things have happened.

Click on the chart below to see more detailed prediction stats for tonight’s episode.

project runway chart

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