‘Project Runway’ elimination predictions: Can Shawn Buitendorp dodge yet another bullet?

Things aren’t looking too good for Shawn Buitendorp on “Project Runway.” We predicted she would be eliminated in last week’s episode, “A Leap of Innovation,” after spending the first two weeks of the show getting some of the lowest scores from the judges. But this time she was spared, not even landing in the bottom three while Kudzanai Karidza was sent home instead. However, our users are again predicting her exit from the show tonight. Can she dodge another bullet, or is she now out of luck?

Buitendorp gets leading odds of 8/11, which translates to a 57% chance of being eliminated. And it may not just be her designs that will be her downfall. She has rubbed her fellow contestants the wrong way. The week-two team challenge, “An Unconventional Recycling,” ended disastrously, with her teammates turning on her after she needed help just completing her work. Then the judges criticized her after she complained about the challenge of designing for a plus-size model (who wasn’t really all that plus-size). But even when things quieted down for her during the “Innovation” challenge, she still didn’t seem to get along with any of her peers except her twin sister and fellow competitor Claire Buitendorp.

If Shawn gets another reprieve, the next likeliest elimination is Aaron Myers, who has mostly flown under the radar this season. He advanced safely in the season premiere, “One Size Does Not Fit All” and in the “Innovation” challenge. And he was even on the winning team for “Recycling.” He has yet to be one of the bottom designers, but there’s a first time for everything. Our users give him 6/1 odds, or a 14% chance of elimination.

What do you think? Click on the graph below to be taken to more detailed prediction stats, and keep making or editing your predictions here as much as you like before tonight’s show.

project runway episode 4 elimination predictions

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