‘Project Runway’: Kentaro Kameyama was the rightful winner of season 16, according to 55% of our readers

Hardly any of our users thought Kentaro Kameyama would win season 16 of “Project Runway.” Brandon Kee and Ayana Ife were the frontrunners, and Kameyama barely made it to New York Fashion Week at all after he previewed his collection to the judges and left them with mixed feelings. But he wowed them when it counted with his unique, personal, and sometimes experimental style inspired by his Japanese heritage. And though he took us by surprise our readers ultimately agreed with the judges’ decision. Scroll down for our complete poll results.

To be exact, 55% of readers said that Kameyama was the rightful winner of “Project Runway.” That’s a fairly decisive number for a designer who had mixed results throughout the season, winning just one design challenge and getting low scores from the judges three times — four if you count his two-look Fashion Week preview. Another 18% of readers said Ife should have prevailed for her signature modest style. Kee was third with 14% of readers saying he should have prevailed, while the last 13% said Margarita Alvarez should have been the winner. Do you agree with our results? Read some of our readers’ comments below, and keep voting here.

ann kafetz: “Clearly the judges got this wrong. NOT SURE I will be watching season 17. Brandon had the best runway show. Could it have been more flashy, yes. Could it have been more color, yes. But he was clearly the most talented.”

Bette: “Disappointed that he won. The winner should have been Margarita, she was for sure the best. Her runway show was more Latin flavored, but WOW she knocked it out of the park.”

Deb: “It was definitely between Kentaro and Margarita. Their collections both inspired emotion and excitement.”

Dee Bruin: “Although I was okay with Kentaro winning, I was disappointed that he did not seem to embrace the fuller-figured woman. I would have loved to see a few of his NYFW looks on fuller-figured women.”

Suri93: “Kentaro’s ability to manipulate form, silhouette, and color was incredible in this show.”

Lola: “Kentaro put on a chic, professional couture collection with innovative designs and silhouettes. The others were very good, but not on his level.”

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