‘Project Runway’: Kudzanai Karidza was eliminated, but did he really have the WORST look of the week?

Go big or go home. Or in the case of “Project Runway” season 16 contestant Kudzanai Karidza, go big and go home. After two weeks of flying under the radar — but flying safely through the competition — he thought it was time to take a risk in “A Leap of Innovation!” in which the designers were tasked with designing a look inspired by the upcoming animated film “Leap!” The theme for the designs would be dance, movement, and innovation. So Karidza took a chance by blending big, bold colors with African style and hip-hop chic. The judges thought the result was a hot mess and sent him home, but did he really deserve that fate?

Perhaps more surprising was who else landed at the bottom of the judges scores. None of this week’s low-scorers had been in that position before, and Deyonte Weather actually won the very first design challenge of the season. This week, however, he designed an uninspired dress with messy construction and unflattering proportions. It’s possible that the judges would have ousted him had he not impressed them at the beginning of the season, or maybe they were sympathetic to him after an accident in which a sewing needle went straight through his finger. Either way, host Heidi Klum made sure he understood that he “barely” survived. The other low scorer was Kentaro Kameyama, who embraced the idea of dance and movement but seemed to forget about the innovation part. He designed a basic black dress whose entire concept of dance and movement was a lace skirt and leg warmers. But he was saved from the chopping block by the superior execution of his design.

Do you think Karidza should have gone home? Should Weather have been ousted despite his strong first impression in the season premiere? Or did the judges give Kameyama too much credit for craft when his design was so unimaginative? Vote in our poll below, and make your predictions here to let us know who you think will be eliminated next week.

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