Reactions to Oscar nominations for acting: Forum posters rant about Amy Adams snub, rave about Ruth Negga

The Oscars nominations throughout the four acting categories sparked strong responses in our forums — their reactions from the gamut from enthusiastic cheers to angered jeers.

Our posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders who hide their identities behind screen names, are most excited about the surprise nominations for Michael Shannon (Best Supporting Actor, “Nocturnal Animals”) and Ruth Negga (Best Actress, “Loving”).

They were stunned by the snubs for Amy Adams (“Arrival”), Ryan Reynolds (“Deadpool”), and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (“Nocturnal Animals”).

Read below to find out what our forum posters thought, then click here to join them in debating the nominations.

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Best Actor

Charles Bartholomew: No surprise at lead actor.

Riley: Poor Jake Gyllenhaal. That career should have more than one nomination. Michael Shannon got his though!

Guest2014: And eff you, Academy, for no Ryan Reynolds or “Deadpool” in any category. The one shot that would’ve put eyeballs in front of the TV because a lot of people saw it, and you ignore its very existence.

Biodiva: My honest reaction is “Why does the Academy hate Jake Gyllenhaal?” What does this man have to do to earn a second nomination?

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Best Actress

AnDres Gtz: NO Amy Adams for “Arrival”

Wombat988: Ruth Negga is a surprise.

Manuel Colon: AMY ADAMS OUT

GusCruz: Huppert is in. She’s going to win.

Philip: Damn, poor Amy Adams.

Mircea Bocioaca: I always get happy when Meryl Streep is nominated, even if I shouldn’t.

forwardswill: Disappointed about Emily Blunt’s great work not being recognized even though I wasn’t predicting it. At least now she’s avoided backlash for her first nomination though.

jasonface: Well I’m happy I predicted Ruth Negga but for Amy Adams?

BigJay2012: Go Ruth Negga! I wish Taraji was there with you, but congrats!!!

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Best Supporting Actor


forwardswill: Disappointed by Grant but not overly surprised. Never truly believed they’d embrace him as a serious actor.

heyoranges: Oh Lucas Hedges got in wow!

M: No Aaron Taylor-Johnson!

Karl Vincent: So sad, no Aaron Taylor-Johnson in supporting.

vinny: Yes! So admittedly I didn’t do great BUT I love the nominees. Only one that threw me off was the Michael Shannon nom. Not that he wasn’t deserving but I was really hoping it would be Grant. I’d bet Grant would have been more of a contender if he went for Best Actor. As for Adams, I’m confused but Negga made the cut instead so I’m torn here.

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Best Supporting Actress

Hunterbergfeld: Janelle Monae snubbed

Laurent: Octavia Spencer nomination is a surprise!

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