‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ predictions: Will Peppermint or Alexis Michelle sashay away in 5th place?

Only five queens remain in the race to be crowned the winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 9. With two episodes left before the finale and reunion on June 16, the queens have only a couple more chances to prove that they have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent that RuPaul Charles is looking for in his next superstar. Let’s take a closer look at the current odds for each of the remaining five contestants before you update your predictions in our weekly event ahead of Friday’s episode “Gayest Ball Ever.”

Once again leading the pack is Shea Coulee, topping two of our five questions — “Who will win?” with 3/2 odds and “Who will place 2nd?” with 15/8 odds. Shea found herself in the Bottom 2 on last week’s episode after leaving her sister looking busted in the crew make over challenge, but rallied in a lip synch against a defeated Nina Bo’nina Brown to save herself. That was Shea’s first low score of the season (the last queen to do so, actually) following a record-tying three challenge wins.

Sasha Velour also has three wins and actually shares two of them with Shea when they were paired together for the morning talk show and the TV pilot challenges. Sasha currently trails Shea in both the first and second place questions where she has 6/1 and 13/5 odds, respectively, but leads our predictions as the most likely to finish third with leading 12/5 odds. Sasha’s current claim on the throne is that she’s the only queen left to not have to lip synch for her life yet.

Trinity Taylor is the third queen with three wins this season, including last week where she prevailed over Sasha. Where Trinity isn’t prevailing in our predictions — she currently leads none of our races. In the derby for “Who will win?” Trinity comes in with the third most votes for 18/1 odds. She fares slightly better, but still in third for “Who will place 2nd?” with 12/1 odds. And in the question of “Who will place 3rd?” she rises to second, still behind Sasha, with 4/1 odds. Nevertheless a Top 3 finish means Trinity will make the finale and at that point any one of the three spots is hers to take.

With Shea, Sasha and Trinity our predicted Top 3, that leaves Alexis Michelle and Peppermint battling it out for fourth and fifth place and their performances so far this season are pretty even. Both queens have only one main challenge win and one lip synch for your life appearance. Alexis, however, has been in the Bottom 3 for the last two weeks while Peppermint has been either a high scorer or safe. But still, the race is close and the queens are tied in the question of “Who will place 5th?” with 3/1 odds. Alexis fares slightly better in “Who will place 4th?” with 12/5 odds over Peppermint’s 10/3 odds, tipping the scales in Alexis’ favor to make it through the next episode.

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