Sight & Sound poll: The best films of 2017 are ‘Get Out,’ ‘Call Me by Your Name,’ and … ‘Twin Peaks’?

Sight & Sound, published by the British Film Institute, has published its poll of the best films of 2017, and they include some unsurprising titles among the year’s most acclaimed films. But then there’s “Twin Peaks: The Return,” which is a TV show to the extent that you can call it anything at all really. However, the 21st century has continually blurred the lines between film and TV, so at this point the inclusion of David Lynch‘s Showtime revival of his short-lived ABC series is at once unusual and perfectly logical.

The Sight & Sound list is based on input from 188 international critics and experts, who each listed their top five new releases of the year. Topping the list was actually the Jordan Peele horror satire “Get Out” about the inherent dangers of being black in America. It led with 37 votes, but “Twin Peaks” was next in line with 31 votes. Then came the same-sex love story “Call Me by Your Name” (30 votes), the Argentinian film “Zama” (27 votes), and the German film “Western” (25 votes) rounding out the top five.

This isn’t the first time David Lynch has blurred the boundaries between film and TV. His original “Twin Peaks” run ended in 1991 after two seasons, but then lived on in 1992 with the big-screen prequel “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.” Later, in 2001, he released “Mulholland Drive,” which was originally intended as a pilot for the ABC network but ended up in theaters — and on many lists of the best films of the century so far, including the BBC.

But it was “Get Out” that reigned with the international critics. That might be significant when considering this year’s Oscar race. It’s a film that seems to have united all coalitions: American critics, the mass of ticket-buyers (judging from a worldwide gross of $254 million), and international aesthetes. That’s a good sign for the Academy Awards, where Best Picture is decided by a preferential ballot that favors consensus from a broad array of motion picture academy voters.

Our forum posters are discussing the Sight & Sound picks. Read some of their comments below, and join the discussion here.

Eddy Q: “‘Get Out’ is a surprising winner from this publication – I would’ve expected something with a more European sensibility like ‘Call Me by Your Name’ to top the list – but ‘Get Out’ might have benefited from the most exposure.”

Teridax: “‘Get Out’ is a masterpiece that will be quoted, studied, debated, and enjoyed for all time. It is truly the definition of an instant classic.”

Bee: “Even highbrow people are ranking ‘Get Out’ extremely high.”

Atypical: “Amazing! Congratulations to ‘Get Out’!”

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