‘So You Think You Can Dance’ elimination predictions: Kaylee Millis in trouble despite raves from judges

Sydney Tormey was eliminated from “So You Think You Can Dancelast week when the Top 9 performed and were narrowed down to the Top 8. We predicted that outcome, so should tonight’s performers heed our warnings again? If so, that’s bad news for Kaylee Millis, who is the frontrunner to be sent home according to our users who have entered our weekly predictions contest. But are we underestimating her? She got rave reviews from the judges.

As of this writing Millis gets leading odds of 13/8, which translates to a 37.8% chance of being eliminated, so it’s far from a sure thing, and if she does find herself in the bottom three based on viewer votes, she might be saved by judges if their comments last week are any indication. Mary Murphy did mention that the performance was slightly “labored” at times, but “I couldn’t even begin to do the things that you do in high heels.” Nigel Lythgoe called her “unique” and “fearless” and compared her to Bob Fosse‘s wife and dancer Gwen Verdon — high praise indeed. Lythgoe even said that Millis “eclipsed” her all-star partner Cyrus Spencer, to which Spencer applauded. And Vanessa Hudgens said Millis “absolutely crushed it.”

If Millis survives tonight’s elimination, our users think Dassy Lee is next in line with odds of 4/1 (20.5% chance of elimination); Lee was in the bottom three last week, so that could be bad news for her unless she picked up new fans with her sexy hip-hop routine with her all-star partner Fik-Shun. And Taylor Sieve ranks third with odds of 5/1 (16.9% chance of elimination) after her samba with all-star partner Robert Roldan got mixed reviews from the judges.

What do you think? Will Millis be eliminated, or are we in for a surprise? Click on the graph below to see more detailed prediction stats, and there’s still time to make or update your predictions before tonight’s live show.

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