‘So You Think You Can Dance’ elimination predictions: Is Sydney Tormey a goner?

Going into week two of our “So You Think You Can Dance” predictions, we’ve got bad news for Sydney Tormey. Our users who have entered our predictions contest say she’s the frontrunner to be eliminated. As of this writing she gets leading odds of 5/6 of being sent home, which translates to a 54.6% chance of leaving the competition. You can check out our complete racetrack odds for this week, as well as our detailed elimination predictions. And you can keep making or editing your “SYTYCD” predictions until tonight’s show.

In this unique season of “SYTYCD,” Tormey was selected from a group of promising dancers to represent all-star Paul Karmiryan in the Top 10, but survived the first live elimination round by the skin of her teeth. Last Monday night, when the group was whittled down to nine, she was announced as one of the bottom three dancers based on viewer votes. Logan Hernandez and Robert Green were the other two, and Hernandez was the first declared safe by the judges. Then when it came down to Tormey and Green, the judges were split but chose Green for elimination. That was obviously good news for Tormey, but if she lands in the bottom three again we know now that the judges won’t necessarily be inclined to save her, unless she delivers a showstopping performance in tonight’s show that convinces them.

Tonight’s results are based on last week’s show where Tormey performed a solo routine to “Swish Swish” by Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, as well as a contemporary duet with Karmiryan to “The Letting Go” by Melissa Etheridge. “It’s gorgeous to see you move like that,” said judge Vanessa Hudgens about her routine with her all-star. Mary Murphy called it “sweet,” “tender,” and “gorgeous.” And Nigel Lythgoe congratulated her for her emotional resonance, So maybe they might keep her around after all if she’s near the bottom again.

If Tormey survives tonight, our users think Kiki Nyemchek is next in line for elimination with odds of 6/1, or a 14.1% chance of leaving the show. Kaylee Millis is next up with odds of 15/2, or an 11.7% chance of going home. What do you think? Click on the predictions graph below for more stats, and let us know who you think will go home tonight by making your predictions now.

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