‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Was this Kiki Nyemchek performance really the best contemporary dance ever [WATCH]

The judges could hardly contain their enthusiasm on Top 9 night of “So You Think You Can Dance” when ballroom dancer Kiki Nyemchek closed the show with a contemporary routine by Emmy nominated choreographer extraordinaire Mandy Moore. Might it have even been one of the best of all time? That’s what Mary Murphy thought. She proclaimed that Nyemchek “was the best ballroom dancer doing contemporary that I’ve ever seen on this show.” Watch his show-stopping performance with his all-star partner Jenna Johnson above, and vote in our poll below to let us know if you agree.

That’s not all Murphy said. She had plenty more praise for Nyemchek and Johnson: “Kiki, you found yourself and lost yourself all in the same piece. It was really something to watch. You were masculine, you were tender, you were loving. I knew that you would be a phenomenal partner without a doubt, but I did not know that you had that in you. I tell reporters all the time that the best part of the show for me is to watch people have a magical moment, and that was absolutely one of those times.”

Nigel Lythgoe was just as effusive, pointing out Nyemchek’s drastic improvement in recent weeks: “Kiki, I’m still in shock about last week’s hip-hop. Now Mandy’s choreography has lifted your contemporary to a different height. What I love about this show is that a couple of weeks ago you were rubbish at both of those, but you have incredibly grown … You were a star tonight.”

And Vanessa Hudgens was positively giddy: “It was amazing! I have the giggles right now like a little girl … Kiki and Jenna, your chemistry is absolutely insane. It is so radiant. It’s like a tangible thing, I can touch it. It’s so beautiful, so incredible. What you guys did up there was so special. I didn’t expect to get emotional, but I did … I loved it.”

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