‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Lex Ishimoto is Broadway worthy with help of Tony winning choreographer [WATCH]

Another week, another showstopping performance by “So You Think You Can Dancefrontrunner Lex Ishimoto. Paired with all-star Gaby Diaz, he has already tackled tap and tango, and when the Top 9 performed (read our recap here) he was Broadway-bound and received a standing ovation from the judges with a little help from Tony winning choreographer Warren Carlyle (“After Midnight”). Watch his high-energy routine above.

“I think what you’ve got to do is breathe in at the beginning of the routine and breathe out at the end of the routine,” said judge Nigel Lythgoe, noting that there were no opportunities during the breakneck routine to catch their breaths. Lythgoe added, “If anyone says, Lex, you haven’t got a personality, get them to watch this routine … Fabulous work, one of the highest leg swipes we’ve seen. It was tremendous.”

Vanessa Hudgens exclaimed, “That was so good. It was amazing. It always surprises me your control that you have over your body. You seem so aware of every single inch of your body. You just nail things at the drop of a hat. You make them look so easy. That was so fast, it was no joke, but you absolutely crushed it.” And Mary Murphy was overwhelmed with excitement: “When we talk about dancers dancing their patooties off, we’re talking about this number — holy smokes! This number had everything. It was pure entertainment.”

Do you agree with the judges? And do you think it was the best routine of the night? Vote in our poll below, and make your predictions for next Monday night to let us know who you think will be eliminated and who will ultimately win.

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