‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Logan Hernandez made our heads spin with this solo performance [WATCH]

The contestants on “So You Think You Can Dance” took a break from solo routines during Top 8 week, when competitors performed duets with their all-stars and then with each other. But the solo routines were back on Top 7 night, and Logan Hernandez made my head spin with his self-choreographed performance. He made his own head spin too — literally. Watch it above, then vote in our poll below to let us know if this was the best solo routine of the night.

Hernandez performed to “Intro” by M83, and it was performed with the kind of acrobatic prowess and flexibility he has been known for, but will this affect his chances to win the season one way or another? He has flown under the radar somewhat, and he landed in the bottom three based on viewer votes back on Top 10 night. But he has advanced safely through the competition every week since, which indicates that he might have found his fan base. But can he challenge frontrunner Lex Ishimoto?

Going into Monday night’s show, Hernandez had moved into second place in our predictions with odds of 15/2, which translated to an 11% chance of winning. But he was still far behind Ishimoto, who held the lead with overwhelming 5/6 odds, or a 56% chance of prevailing. Will Hernandez’s solo routine on Monday night, combined with his duet and group routines, help him close the gap? Vote in our poll below, and make your predictions now by entering our weekly “SYTYCD” predictions contest to let us know who will win and who will be eliminated next.

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