‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Mark Villaver was saved from elimination by this ‘raw’ performance [WATCH]

The judges on “So You Think You Can Dance” seemed a bit surprised when Mark Villaver was announced as one of the dancers in the bottom three based on viewer votes on Monday night, when the Top 9 became the Top 8 (read our recap here). They immediately saved him from the chopping block, and that was in part due to his emotionally resonant contemporary dance earlier in the night with his all-star partner Comfort Fedoke, which received the judges’ unanimous praise. Watch it above to see if you’re as affected by it as the “SYTYCD” panel was.

“This so affected me. Your choreography was beautiful,” said judge Mary Murphy to choreographer Talia Favia before turning her attention to the dancers: “You guys brought it to life with a rawness, a realness, and such passion. It was so rough at some points, it was so believable that I thought you were almost going to hurt each other. That’s how commanding and committed you were to the piece. It was special tonight.”

Nigel Lythgoe added, “You were both totally out of your comfort zone with this style of routine.” He singled out all-star Fedoke by noting, “You totally immerse yourself in your characters, you are emotionally involved, and that was wonderful to see tonight. And Mark, what I love about you is that you are willing to do anything and everything that is asked of you, and you put your whole heart into that.”

Vanessa Hudgens concluded, “Your chemistry together is so insane. It was so special to be able to watch that. And I feel like you guys were so vulnerable and raw up there. To be able to witness that and see that is so beautiful. You guys really shined tonight. Bravo!”

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