‘So You Think You Can Dance’ winner predictions update: Can Kiki Nyemchek overtake Lex Ishimoto?

Lex Ishimoto is still the frontrunner to win “So You Think You Can Dance” season 14 after three weeks of live shows, but it’s early yet. There is still plenty of time for momentum to swing, and based on our users’ predictions it looks like Ishimoto should watch out for Kiki Nyemchek.

As of this writing, Ishimoto has a commanding lead with odds of 9/10, which translates to a 53.1% chance of winning season 14. That’s actually up — way up — from last week when his odds were 9/5 (37.9% chance of winning). He likely gained so much ground because of how thoroughly the judges and viewers loved his highly ambitious and fast-paced Broadway routine with his all-star partner Gaby Diaz. Despite tackling such disparate styles every week, including tap and tango, he hasn’t missed a beat.

But Nyemchek ended last week’s show with a contemporary routine with all-star partner Jenna Johnson that judge Mary Murphy said was the best contemporary performance by a ballroom dancer that she had ever seen on the show. That’s a lot to live up to, but ending the show with a star-making performance like that put Nyemchek on the forefront of viewers’ minds as a possible contender to prevail, and now he has risen into second place with odds of 9/1 (9.9% chance of winning). That’s up from last week when his odds were 10/1 (7.6% chance of winning). It’s a modest improvement; he’ll have to move up a lot faster than that if he wants to overthrow Ishimoto as the frontrunner, but a couple more performances like last week’s might just do the trick.

Do you agree with our predictions? There’s still time to make or update your picks before tonight’s live show. Click on the graph below for more detailed odds about all of this week’s contestants, and discuss this and more in our forums.

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