‘So You Think You Can Dance’ episode 7 recap: All-star coaches make tough choices to select top 20 dancers

On Monday the “So You Think You Can Dance” all-stars whittled 30 semi-finalist dancers down to the top 20 ahead of next week’s first live show. In this third week at The Academy, the dancers faced off in a jazz routine by Emmy nominated “SYTYCD” choreographer Sonya Tayeh and then a final dance with their all-star coach for their last chance to make the top 10.

In the jazz round the all-stars had each of their three dancers perform Sonya’s routine in front of the entire panel, with the coach making a final decision as to which two from their team would advance to the next round. At this later stage of Academy week all the dancers are capable so the cuts were tough. In general the all stars were most impressed by the dancers that were complete packages, bringing both the technical skill set and the personality and heart to the routine.

During rehearsals, Robert Roldan‘s Jennifer Florentino sustained an injury to the brow that required stitches, effectively removing her from the competition. Experiencing an internal struggle of his own, Kevin Smith Jr. on Jenna Johnson‘s team had difficulty meeting the demands of a routine outside his comfort zone and ultimately meeting Jenna’s high expectations of him. Though she had tough words for him, Jenna kept Kevin in the competition and challenged him to do better in the next round.

In the round of 20, it was a “SYTYCD” first with the all-stars pairing up with each of their two dancers for one final performance to determine who makes the live shows. Across the 10 teams of two there were a variety of styles represented. On Team Marko Germar there was ballroom dancer Sofia Chavami and contemporary performer Koine Iwasaki. Tapper Evan DeBenedetto represented Team Gaby Diaz while hip hopper Havoc went to work for Team Cyrus Spencer.

With some dancers taking on a style outside their specialty and excelling, the final dances were some of the most surprising and strongest of the entire Academy week. The panel of all-stars watched as each coach performed with their dancers, offering guidance on their choices from the outside perspective of a peer. But when it came down to the decision of which dancers made the top 10, each all-star had the final say about who would compete with them for the season 14 crown.

Next week, “SYTYCD” will go live for the first time this season, and the all-star coaches will announce which of their final two dancers has done what it takes to make the top 10. Then the finalists will perform live with their all-star partner for your viewer votes. So who is your favorite dancer in the top 20 and who do you think will make the top 10? Let us know in the comments below.

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