‘So You Think You Can Dance’: ‘Still I Rise’ group routine was what ‘our country needs right now’ [WATCH]

On Top 7 night on “So You Think You Can Dance,” the remaining contestants performed duets with their all-stars, but then they were split into teams of three and four for head-to-head group routines. On one side were Koine Iwasaki, Kiki Nyemchek, Taylor Sieve, and Mark Villaver, who danced a unique, interpretive routine to a spoken-word recording: “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou. Watch it above, and vote in our poll below to let us know if this was the better of the two group routines of the night.

“It’s our diversity that makes us strong,” said choreographer Sean Cheesman about the themes of his routine. “They don’t have to fake the message. They are really diverse, so this is real life for them.” Noted Iwasaki, “The four of us, it’s kind of like we the people are standing against hate.” So in a way it was somewhat reminiscent of Travis Wall‘s “Strange Fruit” routine earlier this season, though Cheesman’s piece had the added challenge of performing to words without music.

“That was beautiful to watch, but also so impactful. To hear those words of Maya Angelou was something that I feel our country needs right now,” said judge Vanessa Hudgens. Added Mary Murphy, “[Cheesman] brought to life the most powerful words I have ever heard, and the four of you have done that justice, so thank you so much.” And Nigel Lythgoe concluded with yet more praise for the choreography, saying, “Congratulations to Sean, and congratulations to you four.”

What did you think? Vote in our poll below, and make your predictions for next week’s show to let us know who you think will win and who will go home in next week’s double elimination.

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