‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Did all-star Cyrus Spencer bring out the best in his dancers Havoc & Kaylee Millis [WATCH]

“All I need you to do is focus on the music and then live in it. I want to build the relationship with you guys,” said “So You Think You Can Dance” all-star Cyrus Spencer to his pair of proteges, Havoc and Kaylee Millis. He trained them for their performances during the third week of the Academy, where “SYTYCD” narrowed down the contest from the top 30 performers to the top 20, including Havoc and Millis. Those 20 performers advance to the first live show on August 7, but at that point each all-star will have to choose one of their two competitors to advance to the top 10, so Havoc and Millis will soon find out which of them moves forward and which of them goes home.

“In today’s piece, I’m looking to bring out a lot of character,” Spencer explained about the animation routine. Millis pointed out, “This routine is all energy, super intricate.” And Havoc noted, “Cyrus has a lot of precision. He hits every beat.” Spencer is going to have to decide between them next week, so he paid close attention to their strengths and weaknesses, observing that Havoc is passionate but struggles to learn choreography, while Millis needs to be more expressive.

Who do you think gave the better performance, and who do you think Spencer should choose to advance to the top 10? Watch their performance above. Comment below, and join the discussion on this and more with your fellow “So You Think You Can Dance” fans in our forums.

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