‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Top 9 recap: Who gave one of the best performances of all time, and who was eliminated?

The top nine contestants took the stage on “So You Think You Can Dance” Monday night, each performing once with their all-star partner in addition to a solo routine. To kick things off, the cast joined together for a tribal-inspired routine to “Ya Ya” choreographed by Luther Brown. And after nearly two hours of crowd-pleasing performances, host Cat Deeley announced the bottom three based on last week’s vote, before the judges ultimately sent one dancer home.

So which dancers seized the moment, impressing the judges in their fight for the nation’s vote? And who was forced to say a tearful goodbye? Find out in our season 14, episode 10 recap below and let us know your own thoughts in the comments.

First up were Logan Hernandez and all-star Allison Holker with a jive routine choreographed by Emma Slater and Sasha Farber to “5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days.” After a shocking bottom-three finish last week, Logan was determined to show more personality and prove he has what it takes to win this competition. Judge Mary Murphy loved every second of it, pointing out how much fun he appeared to be having. Then after solo performances from Kaylee Millis and Sydney Tormey, Koine Iwasaki and all-star Marko Germar took on a Dave Scott hip-hop routine to “You Don’t Own Me.” Judge Nigel Lythgoe jokingly chastised the choreographer for turning Koine from a perfect angel into a wild, feral animal.

Next up, Dassy Lee and her all-star partner, Fik-Shun, performed a jazz routine by Ray Leeper to “Bring the Funk Back.” The duo was hoping to work on their connection to each other this week, as well as turn up their sex appeal. Judge Vanessa Hudgens said it was nice to see Dassy having fun, noting that she definitely succeeded at being sexy. Then, after Kiki Nyemchek’s solo, Mark Villaver and all-star Comfort Fedoke took on a contemporary routine by Talia Favia to “Ending.” The pair was hoping to push their boundaries and take their strong connection to an even deeper level. Mary was nearly moved to tears by the raw passion of the performance, calling it “special.”

Taylor Sieve danced a contemporary solo before the all-stars performed a heartbreaking and timely routine about racial unity to “Strange Fruit” choreographed by Travis Wall. Up next, Lex Ishimoto and all-star Gaby Diaz were tasked with a Broadway routine by Warren Carlyle to “Miss Otis Regrets.” The judges gave them a standing ovation and Nigel called it “tremendous” while shooting down any criticism Lex has gotten about a lack of personality. After a solo from Logan, Sydney and her all-star partner Paul Karmiryan were forced out of their ballroom comfort zone for a hip-hop routine by Luther Brown to “Really? Yeah!” After narrowly escaping elimination last week, Sydney had no room for error in her quest to impress the judges and win over fans at home. Vanessa thought it was a little too cute, stating she would have liked to see more “stank face” from Sydney.

Koine put her skills on display with a contemporary solo performance before the top nine combined talents in a group jazz routine choreographed by Chris Baldock to “Hey Pachuco!” Then, Kaylee and Cyrus Spencer took on the same genre in a Spencer Liff number to “Less Talk, More Art.” Mary found Kaylee’s performance a bit labored, but appreciated her ability to execute complicated tricks with her hat. The dancing continued with Mark’s hip-hop solo performance before Taylor joined her all-star partner, Robert Roldan, for a samba routine by Jean Marc Genereux to “Burn Up the Dance.” Taylor was feeling the pressure as she fought to live up to the hype Nigel started last week when he called her and Robert the couple to beat. Nigel was less enthusiastic this week, saying it lacked a spark and was more like a “damp rocket.”

After body-contorting solos from Dassy and Lex, Kiki joined all-star Jenna Johnson for the final routine of the night. The duo paired up for a contemporary performance choreographed by Mandy Moore to “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” The couple solicited just the second standing ovation of the night from the judges, with Vanessa praising their almost tangible chemistry. Mary piled on an even greater compliment, saying Kiki delivered the best contemporary performance she’s ever seen from a male ballroom dancer.

Before Mary even had time to wipe the tears of joy from her face, Cat went and dampened the mood by calling out all nine couples for the results. After last week’s votes, the bottom three in danger of leaving turned out to be Dassy, Sydney and Mark. Nigel quickly announced that Mark was safe, referencing the audible gasp in the audience when it was announced he landed in the bottom. He then stated that although it is sad to see these great dancers leaving each week, they can find some solace in knowing that this fall there will be a national tour featuring all of the top 10 dancers along with some of the all-stars. Finally, it was announced that Sydney would be leaving the competition and Dassy would survive to dance another week.

Next Monday “SYTYCD” will continue with the top eight dancers before your votes will once again reveal the bottom three, with one pair being eliminated. Who is your favorite dancer in the top eight and who do you think will be eliminated next week? Sound off in the comments below!

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