‘So You Think You Can Dance’ winner predictions: Lex Ishimoto still the frontrunner, Koine Iwasaki moves up

In week two of our predictions for season 14 of “So You Think You Can Dance,” Lex Ishimoto remains the favorite to win the competition. That’s according to our users who have entered our weekly predictions contest to forecast the results. The versatile contestant has already excelled at tap and tango during the live shows, and those aren’t even his specialties! Now he’s the frontrunner to win “SYTYCD” as of this writing with odds of 13/8, or a 37.9% chance of being named this year’s champ. Do you agree? You can keep making or editing your predictions right up until tonight’s show.

This is the second week in a row with Ishimoto leading our predictions, and actually he has gained ground since last week, when he had leading odds of 2/1, or a 33% chance of prevailing. On top of that he has broken his tie with Dassy Lee, who also had 2/1 odds last week, but has now dropped to third place with 9/1 odds, or a 10.7% chance of victory. Perhaps she was hurt slightly by her Bollywood duet with her all-star Fik-Shun, during which she stumbled out of a lift. Either way it looks like she has time to redeem herself as most of our users don’t think she’s at risk of elimination.

Taking over second place in our predictions is Koine Iwasaki with odds of 7/1 (12.6% chance of winning), which is way up from last week when she was down in sixth place with 20/1 odds (5.3% chance of winning). Round out the top five are Mark Villaver in fourth place (12/1 odds, 8% chance of winning) and Kiki Nyemchek (12/1 odds, 7.6% chance of winning). Click on the graph below for more complete prediction stats.

so you think you can dance winner predictions sytycd lex ishimoto

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