‘Star Wars’ Celebration: Carrie Fisher tribute for the film’s 40th anniversary [WATCH]

“I love that Princess Leia was a very strong woman, and I adored how feisty Carrie Fisher was,” says Gwendoline Christie in a video tribute to Carrie Fisher at the “Star Wars” Celebration, the official fan convention that this year celebrated the 40th anniversary of the film franchise. Christie plays Captain Phasma in the latest “Star Wars” films, and adds, “I could really sense and feel her fire, and that was important for me as a young girl to see that kind of woman.” Watch the complete video tribute above.

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Fisher played Princess Leia in the original “Star Wars” trilogy from 1977 to 1983, and then reprised the role in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in 2015, at which point Leia had become a general in the intergalactic resistance. But the actress died suddenly in December at age 60 due to cardiac arrest. However, she did complete filming on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” before her passing, so fans will get to see Fisher’s Leia one more time when that film is released this December 15.

The video tribute features more loving praise from her colleagues, including Harrison Ford who calls her “an amazing and unique person” with “real courage and real gall.” Mark Hamill says, “I love her when she drives me crazy, and I love her when she makes me laugh. She’s just delightful.” And “Force Awakens” director J.J. Abrams adds, “She just is the most entertaining and shockingly funny person you’ll ever know.”

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The video also features Fisher in her own words: “I think I am Princess Leia, and Princess Leia is me. It’s like a Mobius striptease … I love these movies, and actually they’ve become better for me now because I have a daughter, and she loves them.”

Watch the entire tribute to Fisher above, and discuss this and more with your fellow movie fans in our notorious forums.

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