Steve Harvey reacts to Oscar Best Picture mix-up: ‘I’m free at last!’

In the middle of the biggest mix-up in Oscar history, in which the wrong name was announced as the winner of Best Picture, Jimmy Kimmel gave a shout-out to Steve Harvey. As you’ll recall, that Emmy-winning talk show host emceed the 2015 Miss Universe pageant and announced that Miss Colombia had taken the crown instead of the real winner, Miss Philippines. He faced the wrath of not just the pageant proud Colombians but the internet.

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Naturally, this rascally wag had to weigh on the Best Picture snafu at the Oscars. On his radio show on Monday morning, Harvey acknowledged, “I know more than anyone else in the world about this. I am the creator of these moments, the epicurean of this.” He then exalted in no longer being the fellow who had made the biggest mistake in awards history.  “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty I’m free at last!”

He went on to express his sympathy for Warren Beatty, who was merely the messenger. “Because Warren Beatty made this mistake, does he have to die? Do y’all wanna kill him? Will he need security because of this?” And he offered to be a shoulder to cry on: “I can help Warren get through this, to show him how to handle it with dignity and grace.”

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And he stood in solidarity with Beatty as those who paid the price of public shaming for the mistakes of others. “Warren Beatty had the same ‘oh hell no’ look on his face. Me and Warren handled it great. At least the producers of the Oscars on that show walked out and stood with him. They corrected the mistake.” He then referenced his own time in the spotlight where four minutes went by, in which Miss Colombia was crowned, before the mistake was corrected.

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