‘Stranger Things’ Emmy interviews: Millie Bobby Brown, David Harbour and more discuss the Netflix hit

Will “Stranger Things” dominate the 2017 Emmys? The show debuted almost one year ago, in the summer of 2016, and gradually became a word-of-mouth hit. Then it became an awards hit with nominations at the Golden Globes, Writers Guild Awards and Directors Guild Awards, and victories at the SAG Awards (Best TV Drama Ensemble) and the Producers Guild Awards (Best Drama Series) It even earned a pair of Grammy nominations for its score soundtracks.

But “Stranger Things” would be an unconventional Emmy nominee with its sci-fi and horror elements and young cast. It’s set in the 1980s and inspired by words from that era by Stephen King, Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter. It tells the story of the search for a missing boy, which reveals a government conspiracy and an alternate dimension on the underside of our reality. But after a year’s worth of critical and awards buzz, this uncommon contender might be too big for the TV academy to ignore.

We interviewed 10 cast and crew members from the series to discuss the show. Click the “Watch Now” links below to be taken to their complete interviews.

Duffer Brothers (Best Drama Series, Best Drama Writing, Best Drama Directing): “I think it was ‘Game of Thrones’ that kicked that door down. To be able to do something in genre, something with monsters or robots, and have it be taken somewhat seriously, five or ten years ago it seems impossible to imagine.” (Watch Now)

Shawn Levy (Best Drama Series, Best Drama Directing): “The conventional wisdom for years has been something with kids really needs to be for kids. No one wants something with kids that isn’t for kids. And so it was not an obvious marketplace kind of decision. I just loved this script, I really dug the brothers and we tried and set out to make something cool.” (Watch Now)

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David Harbour (Best Drama Supporting Actor): “I had become a little bit cynical about my place in film and TV. ‘Stranger Things’ really reinvigorated my belief in being able to tell a story that I really believed in.” (Watch Now)

Millie Bobby Brown (Best Drama Supporting Actress): “I definitely broke character. It was something I just couldn’t hold in. I’m constantly serious in the whole show and it was so hard to see everybody else have so much fun and tell jokes and run, and I’m running but I’m constantly silent. I’m crying all the time, blood is trickling down my nose and I’m killing a ton of people.” (Watch Now)

Tim Ives (Best Cinematography, Single-Camera): “The success of the show has been overwhelming to all of us. We felt like it was something very, very special, but you can never predict the sort of success we’ve had on this show.” (Watch Now)

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (Best Music Composition): “[The Duffers] didn’t want it to be just like a retro throwback. They wanted it to be modern, and there’s something about our music that was cinematic, as well as retro, as well modern.” (Watch Now)

Chris Trujillo (Best Production Design, Narrative Period): “I feel like that’s also part of what makes it special, being able to bring some of the realism of indie filmmaking to the magical wonder of that sort of early ’80s world.” (Watch Now)

Marc Kolbe (Visual Effects Supervisor): “We went through a lot of the old school techniques of doing as much as we could practically. Obviously, to do a lot of that work takes time, and when you’re doing television shows, that’s one thing you never have enough of. We were doing as much as we could practically, and then we’d enhance digitally.” (Watch Now)

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