‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 trailer: Will 15-month hiatus hurt show’s Emmy chances? [POLL]

Season 1 of “Stranger Things” debuted July 15, 2016 on Netflix and became an instant hit, even going on to prevail at the Producers Guild Awards (Best Drama Series) and SAG Awards (Best Drama Ensemble). Next up are the Emmy Awards, however by the time voting begins this summer it will have been an entire year since the show premiered. With Season 2 now confirmed to stream October 31, 2017 (watch the Season 2 trailer above), will that make “Stranger Things” out of sight, out of mind and hurt its Emmy chances? Vote in our poll below.

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Year-long breaks don’t always hurt shows, just look at “Orange is the New Black” which streams a new season every summer right as Emmy balloting begins. But for “Stranger Things” to go a whopping 15 months between seasons seems like a bit of an awards gamble for this freshman thriller. If the show’s second season had debuted around the similar summer time frame, it would have been top of mind when voters were marking their ballots. Now, not so much.

In the Season 2 trailer that was released during Super Bowl 2017, we are warned that “The world is turning upside down.” We then see flashes of the kids in their Ghostbusters costumes and ominous men in suits watching security feeds of what appear to be asylum patients. The clip ends with a shot of what could be the season’s Big Bad, an enormous spider-like creature far off in the distance.

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Creators the Duffer Brothers (Matt and Ross Duffer) recently confirmed to Gold Derby that Season 2 will be composed of nine episodes instead of eight, admitting, “It just worked out story-wise. We needed one extra.” Based on other spoilers, we know that the second season will take place at the end of 1984, about a year after the events of Season 1.

Do you think the show’s 15-month gap between seasons will hurt its Emmy chances? Vote in our poll below and then be sure to sound off about “Stranger Things” Season 2 in Gold Derby’s TV forums.

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