‘Survivor: Game Changers’: Do you agree with Andrea Boehlke there’s a ‘dark cloud’ surrounding this season? [POLL]

In our “Survivor: Game Changers” exit interview with Andrea Boehlke (listen to the podcast here), she suggests this season wasn’t as fun because of the “dark cloud” surrounding it. As she explains, “I think there was kind of a dark cloud over the whole season … with the Jeff Varner incident and with how people were voted off earlier. It just seemed like a little nastier than the other seasons I’ve played. It was harder on me emotionally, for sure.” Do you agree with Andrea that this season was too dark? Be sure to vote down in our poll below.

As for why she was eliminated in “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow,” Andrea confesses that not realizing she was such a threat in the game “was one of my flaws.” She continues, “What I think happened was, my name came up at merge from Zeke Smith and all of a sudden it was this whole thing that I was a big strategic and social and challenge threat. I feel like it’s a group-think situation. And granted, yes, I should have recognized I was a bigger threat than I thought I was.”

Also in our “Survivor 34” podcast, Andrea chats about Cirie Fields turning on her, her rivalry with Zeke, what she would change if she could go back and do it all over again, and what she thinks about being one of only seven contestants to play more than 100 days. Listen to all of Gold Derby’s “Survivor” exit interviews in our Season 34 cast photo gallery.

There are only six players left on “Survivor: Game Changers,” so who do YOU think will win? As of this writing, our readers give Sarah Lacina leading 8/13 odds, followed by runner-up Cirie with odds of 13/2 and Aubry Bracco next in line with 15/2 odds. The bottom three players in our rankings are Brad Culpepper (11/1 odds), Tai Trang (20/1 odds) and Troyzan Robertson (100/1 odds).

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