‘Survivor: Game Changers’ elimination odds: Zeke Smith’s big move will cost him in ‘A Line Drawn in Concrete’

The merge is always the most unsettling time on “Survivor,” and on this season of “Survivor: Game Changers” it was Zeke Smith that played disrupter. In an attempt to make a big move at the merge, Zeke single-handedly dismantled his season-long alliance with Andrea Boehlke by targeting her for elimination instead of someone from another alliance. That move set off a chain of events that sent their mutual ally Ozzy Lusth home and left them at the bottom both on the chopping block this week. Below is my analysis of how things are likely to go down for Zeke and the other players at the bottom, so be sure to update your “Survivor 34” predictions in our weekly event after reading my take on their strategies.

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Zeke heads in to Wednesday’s episode “A Line Drawn in Concrete” with overwhelming 4/5 odds of being eliminated next. Andrea’s fate seems a little less conclusive — though she’s right behind Zeke with her own 6/1 odds of elimination, she’s also within the Top 3 in our predictions of who will win Season 34. So what is it that has these two players in danger and is there any hope for them to escape the chopping block?

Zeke’s betrayal of Andrea last week came out of nowhere and now, a week later, I still can’t explain or even understand his line of thinking in attempting the move. After the opposing alliances (the other being led by Sierra Thomas and Brad Culpepper) joined forces to eliminate who I’m now only ever referring to as “Merge Threat Hali Ford,” Zeke’s position in the game was on par to everyone else’s. For the most part both alliances were battling with equal numbers and either could have wrestled control over the other by bringing over just one new member.

‘Survivor’ (Season 34) Game Changers: Predictions, News, Photos & Odds

But instead of finding a crack in the other alliance, Zeke created one in his own, believing himself to have enough cache with the other alliance to be welcomed into and trusted by their group. Unfortunately for him that wasn’t the case — Sierra questioned why he would turn so quickly on someone he was closest to in the game and determined (rightfully so) that it was a sign he’d be willing to do it again to anyone.

Zeke is now, essentially, playing alone, but without the comfort that other lonesome players like Michaela Bradshaw (who herself has fourth place 12/1 odds of going home) have of being someone that people can potentially trust. Look, Zeke made a big move and that is to be commended, but it was a move that had to work and didn’t. At this point, our odds are not in his favor and the only thing that could save him from being the next to go is immunity.

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