‘Survivor: Game Changers’ episode 10 recap: Did Sarah Lacina play like a criminal in ‘A Line Drawn in Concrete’?

Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor: Game Changers,” titled “A Line Drawn in Concrete,” presented police officer Sarah Lacina with her first major chance to play like a criminal and make a big move. Did Sarah take advantage of the opportunity and break up her dominant alliance of six, or did she go along with their plans as the lowest-ranking member of that totem pole? Read our Season 34, Episodes 10 recap below and then update your “Survivor” predictions in our weekly event.

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Last week’s two-hour episode seemed to put forth the likely Final 6 castaways of this 34th season: Brad Culpepper, Sierra Thomas, Troyzan Robertson, Debbie Wanner, Tai Trang and Sarah. However, Sarah was well aware of the fact that she was on the bottom of the alliance and so she was itching to shake up the game. At the reward challenge, Sarah found a secret advantage on the sideline bench — an advantage that was designed to be found by the person (in this case Michaela Bradshaw) who was not picked to be on either team — that will allow her to steal a vote at tribal council up until the Final 5.

Cirie Fields made us cry this week when she insisted on completing the water obstacle course reward challenge despite her team having lost. With help from Sarah and the rest of her team, Cirie was able to get up onto the platform and cross the balance beam. When Jeff Probst asked her why it was important for her to complete the challenge, Cirie replied that she wanted her kids to be proud of her.

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When the five winners of the reward challenge — Brad, Debbie, Sierra, Aubry Bracco and Andrea Boehlke — went to a private area to enjoy their feast, Sierra set her sights on Andrea. Sierra realized that Andrea was a cunning player and so she wanted to get her out next, despite the fact that Andrea was currently clashing with Zeke Smith. Meanwhile, back at camp Sarah revealed to Cirie and Zeke that she was considering flipping on her sextet.

After Troyzan won the immunity challenge, the alliance met in the woods and decided to vote out Andrea, but Sarah was completely left out of those discussions. Debbie later told her old “Kaoh Rong” buddy Aubry that Sarah didn’t trust her, and so Aubry quickly ran to Sarah to tell her that information, and it was game on. At tribal council Debbie told Probst that her group of six was unwavering, which came back to bite her minutes later when Sarah flipped. The final vote was six against Debbie and five against Andrea, and so Debbie was sent packing.

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