‘Survivor: Game Changers’ episode 12 recap: Did Andrea Boehlke or Sierra Thomas get eliminated?

In Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor: Game Changers,” titled “It’s Not a High Without a Low,” underrated Michaela Bradshaw proved to be the swing vote between sending home either Andrea Boehlke or Sierra Thomas. Did Michaela stick with her alliance with Andrea, or did she turn on her? To see how it all played out, read our Season 34, Episode 12 recap below and then update your “Survivor” predictions in our weekly event.

After Zeke Smith‘s elimination, the Final 9 returned to camp to reevaluate their individual games. Michaela was upset that Andrea ordered her to oust Zeke, while the foursome of Sierra, Brad Culpepper, Tai Trang and Troyzan Robertson were shocked that they all survived yet another day. Sierra had a special meeting with Sarah Lacina, her former friend and ally, and told her that she still wanted to work with her. Sierra even offered up the secret of her legacy advantage as proof, telling her she’d give the advantage to Sarah if she were ousted.

At the reward challenge, the teary-eyed loved ones arrived to reinvigorate the games of the Final 9. After a hard-fought challenge in which Michaela literally dragged Tai through the sand, Brad, Andrea and Aubry Bracco proved victorious. Host Jeff Probst told Andrea to pick two other people (and their loved ones) to join them on the reward, and so she chose Cirie Fields and Sarah. Back at camp, Michaela was upset that she wasn’t chosen for the reward and so Sierra, Troyzan and Tai tried to use her anger to their advantage.

After Brad won the individual immunity challenge, Andrea’s group decided to target Sierra in an effort to break up the strong Brad/Sierra pair. When Sierra told Sarah that Michaela and Tai were joining the onslaught against Andrea, Sarah decided to turn on her old friend. Sarah spilled the beans to Michaela about Sierra’s legacy advantage as evidence that they need to get her out of the game. But Sarah, secretly, wanted Sierra gone in the hopes that Sierra would designate Sarah as the next holder of the legacy advantage.

After a routine tribal council in which Michaela hinted at flipping on her group, in the end the votes went according to Sarah’s plan. By a vote of six to three, Sierra was eliminated instead of Andrea. And as promised, even though Sarah voted to eliminate her, Sierra willed her legacy advantage to Sarah. Thus, Sarah will have immunity at the Final 6, in addition to still holding the ability to steal a vote at a future tribal council.

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