‘Survivor: Game Changers’ episode 13 recap: Which 2 players were blindsided and who didn’t ‘read the fine print’?

In Wednesday’s double-elimination episode of “Survivor: Game Changers,” titled “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow,” two back-to-back players are blindsided, an alliance is broken, and a secret advantage is used — twice. To see how it all played out, read our Season 34, Episode 13 recap below and then update your “Survivor” predictions in our weekly event.

Following Sierra Thomas‘s elimination last week and the look of feigned surprise that Sarah Lacina gave at tribal council, Andrea Boehlke is onto Sarah’s game play, deducing that she’s trying to make friends with all of the jury members. While Andrea is mostly right — Sarah’s expressions were strictly in the hopes that Sierra would give her the legacy advantage — she can’t get enough people on her side to vote out Sarah. After Aubry Bracco wins her first individual immunity challenge, the alliance of five ladies agrees to eliminate physical threat Brad Culpepper. However, Cirie Fields and Sarah instead concoct a plan to send home Andrea.

At the first of two tribal councils, Aubry and Andrea both vote to oust Brad, but unbeknownst to them Cirie and Sarah’s plan is about to come to fruition. They managed to convince Michaela Bradshaw to join them in voting out Andrea, with the three men — Brad, Tai Trang and Troyzan Robertson — also choosing to eliminate the three-time player. Thus, Andrea is eliminated in eighth place after crossing the 100-day mark for her time on “Survivor.”

After Brad wins the second immunity challenge, it’s scramble time back at camp as the ladies must decide who their replacement target is. When Tai throws Sarah’s name out to Aubry, Sarah later accuses Aubry of lying, not believing that Tai is coming after her. As a loyalty pledge to Cirie, Sarah decides to lend her the advantage that allows her to steal a vote. Cirie then tells Michaela that Sarah is acting foolish in not believing Tai wants to eliminate her, so Cirie comes up with a wild plan: steal Sarah’s vote at tribal council and use both votes to eliminate Tai.

Unfortunately, Cirie’s plan comes with a hitch as she does not “read the fine print” on the advantage that says the two-vote steal may not be used by anyone other than Sarah. Thinking Cirie is trying to turn on Sarah, Sarah whispers something to Tai, which then prompts Cirie and Michaela to reveal their true plan to Sarah. After another round of panicked whispering, the votes are finally cast and the person eliminated is … Michaela?! How did that happen? We are still scratching our heads, but it looks as though Sarah used her own two-vote advantage to ensure that Michaela went home instead of Tai.

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