‘Survivor: Game Changers’ finale analysis: Who will each jury member vote for to win?

This Wednesday the fate of the remaining six players on “Survivor: Game Changers” — Sarah Lacina, Cirie Fields, Troyzan Robertson, Tai Trang, Brad Culpepper and Aubry Bracco — will be decided and only one will walk away with the million dollar title of “sole survivor.” To prevail, they’ll need to win over a jury of players they directly or indirectly had a hand in voting out of the game. So far we know who seven of those jury members are, but can we predict how they’re likely to vote? Let’s take a closer look at how and why they were voted out and see if we can’t guess at which of the remaining players they’re most likely to endorse for the win. Read my analysis and then be sure to update your own “Survivor 34” predictions before Wednesday’s season finale.

Juror 1: Hali Fordlisten to our exit interview

Of the six finalists, Hali played the game most with Brad, but they were never really on the same page. In fact, during their time on the same Mana tribe, Hali was on the outs and the most likely to be eliminated had they lost immunity. When Hali was voted out, it was a concerted effort by everyone in the game (except Michaela) to make sure one of the two was eliminated so everyone has blood on their hands here. Based on her personality and the players she did bond with in the game (namely Sandra Diaz-Twine) I think “Merge Threat Hali” will be voting for a woman to win. Predicted vote: Cirie, Sarah or Aubry

Juror 2: Ozzy Lusthlisten to our exit interview

Ozzy was the first alliance member that Sarah turned on in a string of multiple alliance-jumping moves she’s made since the merge. In past seasons Ozzy proved to be a bitter juror, most notably when he held Parvati Shallow accountable for blindsiding him on “Survivor: Micronesia.” This time around I think Ozzy took the game much less seriously and might be able to respect the move Sarah made in ousting him. There’s also Tai who plays a very similar game to Ozzy and memorably beat him in this season’s second individual immunity challenge. However, this is the third time Ozzy’s played with Cirie and though they had a rough start this season, I think he’s secretly rooting for her and would love to vote for her to finally win. Predicted vote: Cirie, Tai or Sarah

Juror 3: Debbie Wannerlisten to our exit interview

Is it fair to say that Debbie is one of the most unpredictable players this season and maybe ever? I honestly have no clue how she’s going to vote, but if her time on the island is any indication, Brad and Troyzan probably aren’t high on her list. Though they spent very little time on the same tribe together, I don’t think there’s any bad blood between Debbie and either of Cirie or Aubry so her vote could easily go to one of them. Debbie, though, is a juror that probably respects good game play regardless of whether or not it sent her home and if I can assume to know how she thinks, I’d guess she respects what both Brad and Sarah have done to get where they are. My gut tells me Debbie wants to see a woman win, but in an all-male finale she might be compelled to give it to Brad. Predicted vote: Cirie, Sarah or Brad

Juror 4: Zeke Smithlisten to our exit interview

Zeke is a student of the game, extremely well-spoken and understands the importance of big moves in determining a winner. Therefore it’s hard to imagine that the season’s biggest game changers, Cirie and Sarah, aren’t at the top of his list despite the fact that they’re the reason he was sent to jury. Zeke also values honesty and friendship and we saw him bond with both Tai and Brad during the season so they’re definitely candidates for his vote if they can also convince him that they played a good game. Predicted vote: Cirie, Sarah or Brad

Juror 5: Sierra Thomaslisten to our exit interview

Sierra is a tough one to call because we already know Sarah successfully manipulated her into bequeathing her legacy advantage to her under the assumption that she hadn’t voted her out. Sarah did vote her out though and it’s likely to be addressed directly at the tribal final council if Sarah and/or Brad are vying for the win. Is it possible that Sierra finds out Sarah used her and still respects her game? I think so. But Sierra played the entire game alongside Brad so I’d be shocked if she doesn’t throw her support his way at the end. If Brad and Sarah aren’t an option, I think Tai has the best chance at Sierra’s vote simply because he saved her from early elimination with one of his hidden idols. Predicted vote: Brad, Sarah or Tai

Juror 6: Andrea Boehlkelisten to our exit interview

Andrea’s elimination was pretty unanimous with only Aubry, her closest ally since day one not voting her out. Like the Brad/Sierra relationships, it’d be a complete shock if Andrea didn’t vote for Aubry at the end. But in the event that Aubry isn’t an option, Andrea is an aggressive and cunning player that will respect a similar style. Though they both turned on her, Cirie and Sarah are due Andrea’s respect much more than any of the men left. Predicted vote: Aubry, Cirie or Sarah

Juror 7: Michaela Bradshawlisten to our exit interview

Michaela could possibly be this season’s most bitter jury member, based on her volatility while in the game, and Sarah, maestro of Michaela’s elimination, is likeliest to be the target of her anger. I don’t doubt Sarah’s ability to give Michaela a compelling argument that she deserves her vote, I’m just not sure Michaela will go for it. Instead she’s probably going to root for Cirie who supported Michaela when no one else would and Aubry who played no role in sending her home. Brad and Troyzan seem to have clashed most with Michaela in terms of personality, while Tai and Michaela bonded and made a short term alliance with one another. Predicted vote: Cirie, Tai or Aubry

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