‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Season 34 finale preview: ‘Who wants it more?!’ asks Jeff Probst [WATCH]

And then there were six. After last week’s “Survivor: Game Changers” episode in which both Andrea Boehlke and Michaela Bradshaw were eliminated, the Final 6 castaways of this landmark 34th season are Tai Trang, Brad Culpepper, Cirie Fields, Troyzan Robertson, Aubry Bracco and Sarah Lacina. Who will win the $1 million prize? Above, watch the preview trailer for the “Survivor” season finale and then be sure to update your own “Survivor 34” predictions.

“After 36 days, who wants it more?!” That’s what perennial host Jeff Probst asks the remaining players at their first of three immunity challenges in the season finale. If we’re strictly going by days played, Cirie definitely wants it more as she is on her fourth season with 120 days and counting. The other five contestants are all on their second tries.

In the promo Sarah screams at Tai, “You stabbed me in the back!” alluding to last week’s shocking tribal council in which Cirie tried to save Sarah from Tai’s flip by using Sarah’s own two-vote advantage against her. Unfortunately, Cirie did not “read the fine print” and wasn’t able to use the advantage, which perhaps explains why this two-hour finale is titled “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.”

Despite Tai having voted against Brad’s interests in the past few weeks, it looks as though the two men might start a new game conversation. Brad points his finger at him and barks, “I don’t want any funny business,” and Tai responds, “I’m not.” Are Brad and Tai planning on blindsiding one of the women? If so, Sarah, Cirie and Aubry had better watch their backs.

The video package ends with Cirie lamenting, “This game is like no other,” to which Probst teases, “This is far from over.” With three immunity idols left in the game — two for Tai, one for Troyzan — as well as a legacy advantage that Sarah can use to save herself at the first tribal council, it seems a safe bet that we’ll see some fun idol game play in the Season 34 finale. We can’t wait.

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