‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Mana tribe poll results: 26% want Sandra Diaz-Twine to win third crown

Before Wednesday’s debut of “Survivor: Game Changers,” we asked our readers which member of the Mana tribe they wanted to win. With 26%, two-time champ Sandra Diaz-Twine comes out on top of our poll. Queen Sandra has so far managed to evade two tribal councils, despite the biggest of all targets on her back. Can she pull off another jaw-dropping victory this season? Below, see how the other nine contestants fared in our poll and then make your “Survivor 34” predictions before the next episode.

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Malcolm Freberg is the runner-up in our poll with 19% of the vote. Malcolm has never made it to the finals thanks in part to being perceived as too charming, but with even more likeable players on this season, could he coast to the end?

In third place at 14% is Aubry Bracco, the “Kaoh Rong” (Season 32) stand-out who’s known for her savvy social game. Aubry came this close to winning the $1 million prize last time, but didn’t secure enough jury votes to prevail.

We have a tie for fourth place between Hali Ford and Michaela Bradshaw, as both earn 10% of fans’ votes. Hali is actually our writer John Benutty‘s pick to steal Sandra’s crown, and Michaela’s outspoken personality is already turning off some of her tribe members.

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Jeff Varner and Caleb Reynolds are tied for sixth place at 6% apiece. While Jeff is the ultimate old school player, it’s a surprise to see Caleb ranked so low considering his reality TV pedigree of “Survivor” and “Big Brother.” However, the fact that Caleb was medevaced early last time makes him a true wildcard this season.

Here’s how the other three players fared in our Mana tribe poll: Eliminated castaway Ciera Eastin comes in eighth place with 5%, while dethroned King Tony Vlachos is ninth place at 3%, and Troyzan Robertson trails with only 1%.

The promo for next week’s “Survivor: Game Changers” hints at a tribe switch, so the current make-up of the Mana and Nuku tribes will likely be randomly upended. That could prove to help someone like Michaela, who seems to have gotten off to a rough start on her tribe.

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