‘Survivor: Game Changers’ predictions: Sandra Diaz-Twine & Cirie Fields in the hot seat to be voted out next

Sandra Diaz-Twine and Cirie Fields are two of the most notorious castaways to ever play “Survivor” and their tribe mates on “Survivor: Game Changers” know that the longer they remain in the game the easier it will be for them to prevail. That’s why both women are already facing insurmountable odds to win and top our predictions for the most likely to be eliminated next. Sandra leads that race with overwhelming 11/5 odds, followed by Cirie with 4/1. Right behind them is Caleb Reynolds at 9/2 odds and the other former winner, J.T. Thomas with 7/1 odds. Read my analysis of how the players most predicted to be eliminated are faring and then update your “Survivor 34” predictions in our weekly event.

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Though Cirie has never won before and Sandra is the reigning queen with two million dollar triumphs, both women face the same hurdle this time around by having to fight against their reputations as cunning and manipulative yet very likable players. On the Mana tribe, Sandra looked to be facing certain elimination once she and the tribe’s other champion Tony Vlachos butted heads. How she got through the second tribal council with no votes cast against her and eliminating Tony in the process is already one of the game’s most iconic moments.

While that king vs. queen battle royale was going on at Mana, Cirie was fending off her own threats at the Nuku camp once it became apparent that Ozzy Lusth wasn’t going to let go of Cirie’s betrayal of him on “Survivor: Micronesia.” Cirie did her best to build trust among the tribe’s other members, but no one was willing to bite. The sad fact is that Cirie is simply too dangerous and in her three previous attempts at the game has proved equally diabolical in each. It’ll take a major stroke of luck in the upcoming tribal swap to improve Cirie’s chances of staying.

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With Sandra and Cirie currently on opposing tribes, one is likely to be the next to go, but if they both manage to stay the axe will have to come down on someone else. Current predictions peg Caleb or J.T. as the next likeliest targets. Caleb was closely allied with Tony before Sandra and her army sent him home and though Caleb also voted him out, the queen is unlikely to forget that he would have preferred her to go instead. Caleb also remains a huge challenge threat that the players may want to take out before letting him anywhere near individual immunity challenges.

J.T. began as a member of Cirie’s original tribe and though they may have buried the hatchet, J.T. is still a former champion and for that reason is threatening enough to take out early. J.T. has also already shown signs of frustration with Tai Trang‘s dedication to the wellness of the livestock and personality conflicts are the number one reason people are targeted early in any season of “Survivor.”

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