‘Survivor: Game Changers’ episode 3 recap: Did you predict who was voted out in ‘Survivor Jackpot’?

Did you predict who went home on Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor: Game Changers,” titled “Survivor Jackpot”? After a shocking tribe switch that split up the two tribes into three different ones, one of the people on the outs was eliminated in an emotional tribal council. Read our recap below of Season 34, Episode 3 and then make your own “Survivor 34” predictions.

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After the tribe swap, host Jeff Probst pointed out that Caleb Reynolds and Hali Ford appeared to be on the outs with their new Mana tribe, as the other four castaways — Debbie Wanner, Brad Culpepper, Tai Trang and Sierra Thomas — had already played together for six days. Caleb agreed and then let Tai kiss him on the cheek, a fun callback to “Survior: Kaoh Rong” when Tai had a crush on the cowboy.

When Mana lost the immunity challenge, Tai was conflicted about whether to vote out Caleb or Hali. But it was a conversation with Brad that made Tai realize his former bromance would eventually hold him back in the game. At tribal council, the vote was 5-1 against Caleb, and “Beast Mode Cowboy” was voted out as Tai looked on emotionally. Ironically, Caleb was eliminated on Day 9, the same day he was medevaced the last time he played.

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Elsewhere in the episode, the new tribe created by the swap was named Tavua, with Troyzan Robertson being the only former Mana player who was joined by five former Nuku members. Troyzan realized he was on death’s door, but then he found a clue to the hidden immunity idol. The medallion was hidden at the immunity challenge in base of the puzzle, and he was miraculously able to retrieve it without being spotted.

And the new Nuku tribe is made up of five former Mana players, plus J.T. Thomas, who smartly spent much of the episode searching for the hidden idol, to no avail. Malcolm Freberg and J.T. caught two goats – a mother and baby – but then ultimately decided not to eat them, despite Sandra Diaz-Twine wanting to. Will Sandra’s cutthroat demeanor hurt her going forward? Time will tell.

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