‘Survivor: Game Changers’ episode 7 recap: Who was voted out in ‘What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile’?

Heading into Wednesday’s seventh episode of “Survivor: Game Changers,” titled “What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile,” Jeff Varner had the best odds (10/9) of heading home following last week’s ouster of his close ally Queen Sandra Diaz-Twine. But how did tonight’s emotional episode play out? Read our Season 34, Episode 7 recap below and then update your “Survivor” predictions in our weekly event.

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The hour started with Tai Trang apologizing to Ozzy Lusth for throwing his name out at last week’s tribal council. But despite Tai’s flub, it was Varner who felt the fear of being voted out next, saying that he wanted to “punch them all in the throat bone.” The episode title came from Debbie Wanner, of course, who revealed that she wouldn’t tell anybody about how advantageous Exile Island really was last week. Their Nuku tribe later dominated at the reward challenge, winning 10 pizzas thanks to Ozzy’s impressive abilities shooting balls off of a catapult into baskets.

At the Mana camp, Brad Culpepper opened up about the physical and emotional toll “Survivor” takes on people, and Aubry Bracco and Cirie Fields both used that as an opportunity to get closer to the tribe’s de facto leader. While the Nuku tribe ate their pizzas, Varner confided in Sarah Lacina that he wanted to get out Ozzy, because they would have no way of beating him in the individual challenges following a merge. Sarah’s been promising all season that she wanted to make a big move, so she seemed to entertain the idea.

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The immunity challenge required four people of each tribe to swim out and collect buoys, while the three remaining members had to unscramble 13 letters to spell “Metamorphosis.” Mana fell behind during the water portion, but excelled when it came to solving the word puzzle and won the challenge. Nuku headed back to camp deflated, with Varner believing he was the next one to go home. But when he realized that Zeke Smith might be secretly working with Ozzy, he told Sarah and Andrea Boehlke about his suspicions.

At tribal council, Varner swayed Sarah, Tai and Debbie into considering voting out Ozzy. But then Varner made an epic blunder — perhaps one of the most shocking plays to ever happen on “Survivor.” He outed Zeke as transgender. As the tears began flowing and host Jeff Probst looked gobsmacked, Varner tried to walk back his comments, but it was too late. Probst bypassed the normal voting procedure, as the other six players all verbally said they want to vote out Varner. After Varner and Zeke hugged, his torch was snuffed and Varner exited the game.

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