‘Survivor: Game Changers’ cast: How will Troyzan Robertson fare against some of the toughest females ever?

Last time Troyzan Robertson competed on “Survivor: One World” (Season 24) he and his male cast mates were pitted against a tribe of women that ultimately dominated the game. By the Final 8 when Troyzan was voted out he was one of only two men left on the island. On the upcoming “Survivor: Game Changers,” Troyzan will once again face tough women, but this time they’re some of the best to ever play the game. Does he have what it takes to outlast them? Read my analysis of how he’s likely to perform this time around and then make your own “Survivor 34” predictions ahead of the first episode.

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The women of “One World” ruled the beach from the beginning of the game and never let up, leaving Troyzan powerless despite his best efforts. But the women weren’t the only ones ruining Troyzan’s game. Early in the season, Troyzan’s tribe mate Colton Cumbie convinced the men’s tribe to voluntarily give up the immunity they had just won so that they could go to tribal council and vote out one of their own. Stupidly, the men agreed, setting them up for an even bigger disadvantage against the women.

The advantage “One World” does offer Troyzan is that it began with both tribes living on one beach together, meaning he has experience maneuvering through and around large groups of people at once. There are a lot of big personalities competing in “Game Changers” so an ability to manage all of the relationships and cut through the noise will be hugely important to Troyzan’s success.

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As only a second-time player, Troyzan will enter “Game Changers” with significantly less connections than the rest of the cast. In fact, he’s the only player to have never appeared in another season with anyone else on the cast. Troyzan’s closest connection will be to Brad Culpepper whose wife Monica Culpepper played against him on “One World.” Though Brad and Troyzan begin the season on opposite tribes, if both reach the merge together, or are swapped on to the same tribe before then, I can see them linking up and creating a solid bond with one another.

The bonds he makes are going to make or break Troyzan’s game. This time around he’s going to need to focus on keeping his tribe strong for as long as possible so that he has numbers going into merge votes. Ultimately to win, Troyzan will have to be one of the decision makers in a dominant alliance — with a good balance of the physical and social, Troyzan is a dark horse contender for the win.

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