‘Survivor’ 35 poll results: 31% of fans think Alan Ball is an evil genius for conducting #IdolStripSearch

After self-described “crazy man” Alan Ball conducted an #IdolStripSearch on JP Hilsabeck during the Season 35 premiere of “Survivor,” a whopping 68% of fans agreed he was off his rockers. However, 31% of people who responded in our recent “Survivor” poll thought that his controversial game move actually made him an evil genius. What do YOU think? Sound off down in the comments section.

In last week’s debut episode of “Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers,” NFL player Alan forced firefighter JP to strip naked to prove that he hadn’t found the hidden immunity idol. The internet hashtag #IdolStripSearch was born, as fans everywhere began questioning Alan’s motives. Many people are now convinced that Alan will be voted out of the game because he’s seen as unstable by other members of his Heroes tribe.

However, those 31% of poll respondents who think he’s an evil genius saw his game move as something entirely different. By having JP strip naked to prove his word, Alan let the rest of the Heroes tribe know that JP had not found the idol. It also helped shine a light on the emerging power duo of JP and lifeguard Ashley Nolan. So now if the group wants to vote out either JP or Ashley and break up that bond, they can do so without worrying about an idol coming into play.

During our recent “Survivor” 35 exit interview with Katrina, she chatted about Alan’s infamous #IdolStripSearch meltdown. “I think that moment obviously set him off,” she admitted. “It’s unfortunate that happened for him. He wasn’t exactly at peace, was he?” Will Alan be voted off in the second episode of “Survivor” 35, which airs Wednesday night on CBS? Watch the preview trailer.

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