‘Survivor’ 35 episode 13 predictions: Devon Pinto remains frontrunner to win, Ben Driebergen is biggest target

Last week, in whipping out a hidden immunity idol that no one else in the “Survivor” game knew about, Ben Driebergen was able to cancel out the six votes cast against him and use his own vote to send Lauren Rimmer to the jury in one of the season’s most shocking tribal councils. But now Ben is without the safety of an idol and none of the five remaining players want to go to the end with him, making him the biggest target in the game and our prediction to be eliminated next with leading 6/5 odds of going home.

But can Ben somehow survive this episode and make it to next week’s season 35 finale? Read my thoughts on this week’s predictions in our rundown of the current odds in our weekly contest for episode 13, “The Survivor Devil.”

In order to save himself from being the next eliminated, it’s hard to believe that there is anything Ben can do besides win the immunity challenge. That could happen, though Devon Pinto leads our predictions there with 3/2 odds over Ben who has 10/3. If Ben loses, he’ll need his wits and three other votes to stay. It’s hard to say where exactly Ben could get the votes to stay since every player in the game is a former ally that he betrayed at one point or another. The last Healer remaining, Mike Zahalsky, could be an easy vote for Ben to scoop up since he’s been playing on his own for quite some time now. But the other four players are evenly divided into two pairs: Devon and Ashley Nolan are together and Ryan Ulrich and Chrissy Hofbeck are together. If those four don’t join together to vote either Ben or Mike out then they could split and use Ben as a tool against the other pair.

As of right now, Ashley has the second best odds of going home (14/5) if Ben stays in the game. That could be a sign that Ben is likeliest to re-join with his former allies Chrissy and Ryan in a move against Ashley who has proven to be an immunity challenge powerhouse with two individual wins already to her name. Such a move against Ashley could put Devon in a tough position going forward, but he still remains our frontrunner to win with 21/20 odds. Running up behind him there is Chrissy with 9/2 odds, followed by Ben with 15/2 odds. Ashley, Ryan and Mike are all longshots to win.

We’ll see how it all plays out on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. on CBS. Join us for our live blog of the episode as it airs on the East Coast.

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